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Requested: Samus AranArtist: LM (legoman) | Tumblr
Requested: Samus Aran

Artist: LM (legoman) | Tumblr
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Tumblr girls be saying they wanna “smoke 10 blunts and have rough sex for hours” 

But really you’d tap out on the first blunt

& you’d need a break for every 10 minutes of sex

Yall aint about shit

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Attachment issues


Attachment issues

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The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.
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the devil in your ear tellin u to raw shawty is that nigga from kids

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black women have the highest graduation rate why are you all still riding that blacks are uneducated train as if it wasnt yall who put us at the bottom and made it nearly impossible for us to climb the ladder my god

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i love my friends.


i love my friends.

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